Customs Access Product

At CNS we understand the critical role that international freight movements play in ensuring our nation’s good health and thriving economy. That’s why we created a product that helps you to keep trading with your EU partners after UK Customs requirements were introduced in January 2021.

From as little as under £120 per month our Customs Access product provides you with connectivity to HMRC, enabling you to submit Customs declarations when importing and exporting your goods to and from the EU.

Our tariff is simple, cost-effective and provides you with predictable monthly costs so you can be sure that you’re using the best value product on the market.

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Our Customs Access product includes:

  • Connectivity to HMRC and CDS declaration systems
  • Support for connectivity to HMRC and CDS declaration systems
  • Excellent value subscriptions with import, export and supplementary declarations included at no extra cost
  • Connectivity support hours: Monday-Friday 09:00 to 17:00