Customs Declarations Management Software tariff

Customs Declarations Management Software Tariff UK
Key Features

✔ CHIEF inventory linked full Import and Export declarations for GB
✔ CHIEF non-inventory linked full Import and Export declarations for GB
✔ Export MUCR consolidation, disassociation and shutting
✔ CDS Functionality now included

The below fees do not include CSP badge or licence and connectivity fees. These apply for CNS for both inventory and non-inventory locations.

Tariff Band Monthly Fee Included Declaration Overage Phase 1 Number of Concurrent Users
Tariff Notes:

Available from 04/11/21 for CNS badge locations only including all non-inventory locations
Available from 2022 as above also for MCP badge locations
Available from 2022: CHIEF CFSP Import and Export declarations (CNS and MCP locations and all non-inventory linked)

CDS functionality:

a. Inventory linked Import and Export declarations for GB: CNS and MCP locations only
b. Non-inventory linked Import and Export declarations for GB

Functionality to support Transit movement is now available.

Bundles can be used for submitting declarations to either Chief or CDS (when available). Pricing will remain the same.
Overages will be charged via monthly invoice in arrears.
All fees are subject to CNS Standard Terms and Conditions which can be found here