BEEMS Pre-lodgement

The UK’s exit from the EU has resulted in customs border formalities between the UK and EU with risk of congestion and delays.

Current processes on pre-lodgement routes involve manually submitting formalities via multiple government systems or using intermediaries to manage the process.

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BEEMS Pre-lodgement can help with all of this

It has been designed to support transport operators managing movements across borders on pre-lodgement RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) routes between the UK and EU.

It automates and simplifies the pre journey procedures and provides updates during the journey for you to share with your drivers and partners.

The Solution

The BEEMS platform connects to the UK, Irish and French systems to manage pre-lodgement movements.

There is an intuitive dashboard displaying the status of all your vehicle movements and you can share these updates with drivers and agents via SMS or email through the platform.

APIs are available to automate these data flows.


Tariffs 2024

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  • BEEMS offers a single platform to manage all their movements in one place.
  • Users can save time without having to jump between different government systems.
  • Users have complete visibility for all their vehicles, with live status updates, so operators can ensure their drivers are not delayed at the border.
  • You can share the movement status with your customers and agents to optimise planning.

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